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Endeavours Group is a family-held private equity firm directed by Mark Yusishen. Since 1996 Endeavours Group has been engaged in acquisitions, now with operations across most of Canada and in parts of the USA.

Our deep knowledge across markets, with decades of combined experience, along with our diversified portfolio, provides for superior results. We enable growth through strategic initiatives focused on efficiency and optimization enhancing our performance.






Spotlight on Endeavours Group: Thrive through Leadership

 Since 1996, under the direction of Mark Yusishen, a seasoned businessman, Endeavours Group has been a beacon of entrepreneurial spirit and strategic prowess in the business world.    Unlocking potential and driving success through leadership  Led by Mark...

Mission Overland RV Trailers’ Next Chapter with Endeavours Group

Mission Overland specializes in off-road RV trailers that redefine the boundaries of outdoor exploration for adventurers across North America. With a passion for pushing the limits of what's possible in the world of mobile living, Mission Overland has emerged as a...

Mark Yusishen-Led Endeavours Group Acquisition of Mosaic Capital Corporation 

In a strategic move aimed at enhancing its market presence and driving sustained growth, MCC Holdings Ltd., led by Canadian businessman Mark Yusishen, Managing Partner of Endeavours Group, has successfully acquired Mosaic Capital Corporation. The acquisition, which...

A Discovery Journey to India: Endeavours Group Explores New Frontiers

At Endeavours Group, we believe in the power of exploration and the value of understanding different cultures and markets. Recently, our leader, Mark Yusishen, embarked on a journey to India to visit suppliers and to learn about new cultures, opening new doors for...

Mark Yusishen’s Business Trip to India: Explore New Horizons

Recently, Mark Yusishen, embarked on a journey to India to visit suppliers and learn about new cultures, opening new doors for business collaborations and cultural exchange. This trip marked a significant milestone in our ongoing efforts to expand our global footprint and forge deeper connections with our international partners.

Steering Endeavours Group Towards Global Landscapes

At Endeavours Group, our mission is to innovate, inspire, and influence the future of global business. Under Mark Yusishen, we have consistently pushed the boundaries of what is possible, leveraging the power of exploration and cultural understanding to drive our success.

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